[not a mod]FL Project needs helpers
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Author:  A12 [ Tue Jun 23, 2009 7:48 pm ]
Post subject:  [not a mod]FL Project needs helpers

Hello, most of you may remember my "Yo" Topic and how I'm the co-owner of Freelancer: Sirius, well myself and Shadow Viper have decide to start a pretty big project called, <a href="" title="Command 46">Command 46(c46)</a>, at current I don't really want to give out many details so I'll say a few things:

THIS IS NOT A MOD! - This project isn't a mod! We aren't trying to get scripter to help build a mod or anything like that, we are trying to get people to help out in a project that will help bring new players to freelancer(Hopefully lol..).

May require "Role Play" - "Oh so it's a server" aaahhh no.... we need help in doing a few things which require you to appear as people(Not real people might I add) you aren't... think media.

How long will it take me to help you? - Simply put, I'm not sure... you may be required (Yes your part will be in game) in one system one minute and in another the next(I will be with you every step of the way though).

So, if you need some more information before you commit to something please PM, and if you are interested PM me.

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