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 Post subject: Interview with TheExtreme for ship modeling *
 Post Posted: Sat Apr 18, 2009 11:07 am 
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Hello TheXtreme, what other names have you been known by in the Freelancer Community?

TheXtreme / PCX / Police Chief Xtreme

What part of the world do you live in?

Wales / UK

How old are you?


How many years have you played Freelancer?

Cant remember.. since you had to use bini to decoded the ini files of freelancer... too long

Have you released or helped to build a mod? Please describe it.

Ive helped and made many many mods most of which are hosted for ppl to download at XTS ( )

Have you written a tutorial? Please tell us about it.

I was involved with an amateur modding school a while back, I made a number of tutorials for people to use, again they are at XTS for people to have a go.

Have you created any tools for the community to use? What does it do?

I have not personally made any tools but anton was part of XTS and made the FLmodTool i think the first version was an XTS release by anton.. though later versions were not.

Have you ever been an Admin of a mod community or website?

I have been admin of a number of communities over the years

Okay, let's get to the meat and potatoes! How and when did you first get involved in the wonderful game of Freelancer?

Not really sure was so long ago now.. I remember my first mod I made was a weapon pack.. just a few uber modded weapons but it was enough to get me interested in FL and I made a website and here I am.

What aspects of Freelancer are you most interested in?

Always loved making new things changing things that could not be changed.. such as replacing the docking rings / tradelanes / jumpgates.. and removing the old freelancer universe completely. XTS was the first to finally totally remove all of the old game universe including Manhattan.. (as far as i know)

What groups / clans have you been affiliated with?

Ive not played freelance in that sense for many years as a number of people have said "I was too busy making sure other people had fun".

List your accomplishments and projects you have participated in.

Loads of ship mods station mods full mods edge coding *XTS was first to make a ship that had full destroyable parts and an internal fuse like the original game battleships the lambda mod it was as I remember which has been misplaced due to the many problems TLR has had over the years though I think I could find an old copy.

List any awards, offices or positions you have held.

Never really entered into any awards and I've always concentrated on XTS

How has the Freelancer scene changed since you started playing?

Yes the numbers have changed and there have been a number of very interesting coding advancements made by the community.

Are you currently active on any servers?

Not for many years

What mod really stands out in your mind?

I think the one I had most fun on was Sol-X-syS was a real headache removing and replacing the entire universe and the mod is still not what I would call done.

What do you find most interesting about Freelancer...the single player aspect, clan wars, being a pirate, a cop, vanilla servers, hugely modded, Star wars, what?

I would have to say single player since I've not played FLMP in sometime

What will be your role in Freelancer in the coming years?

I'll be around offering help and answering questions as they are posted or put to me. Will help where I can and XTS work is always free for people to use in their own mods which is what XTS was always really about.

Describe in detail any memorable Freelancer experiences.

Would have to be the feeling I got when getting sent rar files of mat and cmps from the modelers at XTS Todd mainly coding up stations/solar items/ships and getting them just right was always great fun to me.

Why do you spend countless hours building mods, making tools, answering questions or writing tutorials?

I suppose its because I can and I enjoy it why would anybody if they did not enjoy it =).

What other games do you regularly play?

atm I'm playing AoC mmo.

Do you have any hobbies other than games?

I play an acoustic guitar.

Is there anything new coming up in the future for you?

As far as FL not sure just installed freelancer and dug out a few tools after helping out with a problem some1 had.

How do you view the future of Freelancer?

I saw the FL community dying a few years back.. and its still here and still going so I'm prolly not the best person to ask. ^^

Can you recommend any others in the community for an interview?

Not sure who is still around really.

Are there any last things you would like to add?

Code the World. And sorry for any spelling problems I have dyslexier ..which makes everything that little bit more interesting hehe.

Thank you for the interview! It is the contribution of folks like you that help to keep the game and the community alive!

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