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 Post subject: Nightstalker's Universe Mod 1-66 Final
 Post Posted: Tue May 03, 2011 11:10 am 
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What is NSU?

Nightstalker's Universe Mod has been in the works for 7 years, the mod itself has gone though many incarnations including being rewritten several times. The concept of NSU is to give SciFi junkies what they are looking for. There are several sections of the mod dedicated to different SciFi Shows such as, BSG, Star Trek, Babylon 5, Firefly, and Star Wars. There are several sections of the mod that come from different ideas I have come up with and each system is uniquely different with custom suns, starspheres, and a few planets. The Mod has a lot to offer for a wide range of players. At the start you are given 5 choices though the use of one way jump holes (one in ST, SW, B5, Nightstalker Space, Terran Alliance Space). There are also 4 unique Factions in the mod, including Rogue Asteroids, Comets, Derelicts (Moving wrecks), and monsters (They hurt too).

* Spinning planets
* New graphical weapon effects
* New graphical system effects
* New graphical engine effects
* Advanced targeting out to 28k
* Viewable range increased to 100k (Capitals can be seen up to 25k, fighters 5k, and stations 50k - 100k)
* Playerlooting on all ships
* NPCs use the same weapons and ships as the players
* News on some stations
* Players will start with 5000000 in MP.
* New intro
* New Intro Scripts
* New music tracks for systems
* New sounds for equipment & weapons
* New costume for Trent
* Massive explosions and weapon enhancements
* Regenerating shields
* NPCs use nanobots and shieldbots
* 12 Clan Systems available to Clans with 5 or more players (Full)
* 129 systems
* 800+ new ships
* More than 500+ new stations/planets
* Massive explosion + weapon enhancements
* New Startup-Screens
* New Startup-Music
* More collision damage
* Cruise speed is set to 900
* NPC AI increased
* New rumors on the new stations/planets
* New wrecks for the new systems
* Armor available
* Subtargeting system added
* Advanced movement system added
* Wire Frames on most ships
* Custom Hit Boxes on all fighters
* New Universe map
* 60 New commodities
* 10 new wrecks
* Three Quests added: 2 Build a Battleship and 1 Build a Super Trader
* Random Jump Hole (Two ingame)
* Admin System (Admins only)
* Higher details on visual effects and objects in space
* New rumors and bribes on stations
* Explosion damage for all ships (Size matters here)
* Price limits removed
* Unique NPCs (monsters, asteroids, Derelicts, Comets)

NSU 1.66 Features
* 8 Systems based off the Angels Fall First Universe
* 1 System based off Doctor Who
* Introducing Kuze's Ship Pack 1&2
* Ships from Darkstar One
* A51 Ship Pack
* All ships have custom sur files
* Capital Weapons rebalanced to reduce lag and prolong gameplay
* New Weapons and Equipment
* New clan systems for existing clans
* High Poly X3 ships and Stargate ships added
* Added Pachyderm Freighters from Gibbon's ship packs
* Done extensive error checking and correction to all the code
* Introduced Adroxa's plugins
* Added Mass Effect Ships and systems
* 155 Systems to explore
* Special Commodities and Trophies for use in server events


Start System
* Destiny

Admin System/Prison
* Olympus
* Hell

Custom Systems
* Omicron Major
* Wheel of Fate
* Calidon
* Omicron Ersus
* Omicron Draconis
* Ragnarok
* Kaliam
* New Russo
* Helion
* Atris Major
* Atris Minor
* Dargaard
* Alabama
* Tyrannus Conglomerate
* Menzoberranzan
* Gorg Empire
* Underworld
* Realmspace
* Lambda Serpentis
* Virginia
* Wyoming
* Nevada
* Florida
* Carolina
* Polaris
* Sirius
* Seriphim Dyson's Sphere
* Lamia Astrum
* Shen-Lung
* Nightstalker Construction Yards
* Omicron Alpha
* Cheyenne Star
* Imperium
* Dimensional Rift (Random Jump Hole System)
* Mortania
* Austia Procyon
* Cyr Kalifryn

Star Trek Systems
* Sol - Pluto
* Sol - Saturn
* Sol - Jupiter
* Sol - Earth
* Alpha Centauri
* 40 Eridani A
* Bajoran
* Cardassian
* Gamma Quadrant
* Wolf 359
* Neutral Zone
* Romulan Star
* Klingon
* Borg
* Breen
* The Void
* Ferengi Alliance
* Epsilon Ceti (Risa)

Babylon 5 Systems
* Chi Draconis A
* Zeta Tucanae
* Xi Pavonis
* Shadow
* 82 Eridani
* Proxima Centauri
* Coriana
* Zeta Orionis
* Epsilon Eridani
* Hyperspace
* Unexplored Hyperspace
* Dakota
* Alpha Cygnus
* Tau Ceti

BSG Systems
* Cyrannus A
* Cyrannus B
* Cyrannus C
* Ragnar
* Cylon
* Cylon Core
* Prolmar
* Unexplored Binary Star System
* Unexplored Neutron Star System
* 55 Cancri

Star Wars Systems
* Tatoo
* Alderaan
* Corellian
* Raxus
* Coruscant
* Kessa
* Belgaroth
* Horuset
* Yavin
* Geonosis
* Warzone
* Nubus
* Beshqek
* Lehon

Wing Commander

* Fariss
* Antares

Homeworld 2
* Hiigara
* Vaygr

* Goa'uld
* Pegasus
* Ida
* Avalon
* Unknown (Ori)

Game Systems
* Game Nexus
* Battleground
* Race Track
* Nightstalker's Proving Ground

Serenity Systems
* Core
* Mao
* Dufrain
* Georgia
* Burnham

AFF Systems
* Corinth (Inner)
* Corinth (Outer)
* Adras Gal (Inner)
* Adras Gal (Outer)
* Blackneith (Inner)
* Blackneith (Outer)
* Lux Atreya (Inner)
* Lux Atreya (Outer)

Mass Effect Systems
* Sahrabarik
* Boltzman
* Widow
* Amada
* Imir
* Tassarah
* Typhon
* Amun

Clan Systems
* Bloodhome (Blood-Legion)
* Heaven (Angels)
* UFP-Sol (UFP)
* Honor (No Bull Shipping)
* Sigma 4-S (4S Clan)
* Wild Expanse (WOTW)
* Solaria (DW)
* Malchor 5 (Sith)
* Valhalla (The Vahalla Movement)
* Tauri (SG-1)
* Raptor Empire (H-Raptors)
* Borg (Borg)

How and Where

How do you get a hold of the mod??
Go to Nightstalker's Universe 1.66 section on the Olympus Forums ( and the Shadow Work Studios site ( ) and you'll find the link for the mod under the thread NSU Download 1-66 Final. It is also available here as well.

Where do you play this monster??
This mod runs on one server currently, This is a European Server so US players might have a high ping. The USA server is now live, you can get the IP right below this.

Server Forum:


Who Runs the Servers??

The Olympus Freelancer Complex is lead by RJOtto (EU-1) + USA-1 ran by Nightstalker and is policed by the SAS (Server Admin Squad) to keep the place cheat free. The mod maker is me Nightstalker and I make it a point to play whenever I can so see you on the server.

Troubleshooting Install Problems

For this mod to work properly, you need a clean install of Freelancer with no patches, SDK, or anything to that effect. You will also need to delete the Freelancer folder under My Documents.

1. Program Files\Microsoft Games\Freelancer and delete the Freelancer folder (Make sure you copy your FL ID just in case it asks).
2. Go to documents and settings\My Documents\My Games\Freelancer and delete the Freelancer folder (Users\username\\My Documents\My Games\Freelancer under Vista and Windows 7)
3. Reinstall Freelancer, do not install the flpatch or SDK as these are not needed. IF you install these the mod will not like you
4. Redownload the mod (Might also be an incomplete download or a corrupted one). If you think it is good, just activate it in FLMM
5. Run the mod (It should work like a charm then).

The mod is very touchy about leftovers from other mods since just about everything has been recoded. This mod is not like other mods. There is however another way to go about this for advanced users.

1. After you install Freelancer before you do anything create a folder in Microsoft Games called FL_Bak (OR anything you like, I use Freelancer_Bak)
2. Create a new folder once again Freelancer NSU (Copy the untouched files into this directory) and copy all the files out of mod manager and paste them directly into it and say yes to when it asks to overwrite the files.

Effectively, you will have three folders in the Microsoft Game folder


3. Create a shortcut of Freelancer.exe from this directory "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Freelancer_NSU\freelancer.exe" -s184.105.208.200:2302 (This will put both the USA server and EU server on the top of the global list)

You can only do this with non-scripted mods, some mods also contain scripts in the script.xml that house the flmm descriptions.

So people can get going here. Here are the links for the final version.

So people can get going here. Here are the links for the final version. ... -166-final

Torrent via The Pirate Bay (Not seeded yet since I just put it up)

This will be deployed to other download sites so be patient until then.













 Post subject: Re: Nightstalker's Universe Mod 1-66 Final
 Post Posted: Tue May 03, 2011 12:43 pm 
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Very nice ;)


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