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Author:  DwnUndr [ Mon Dec 22, 2008 11:01 pm ]
Post subject:  EnvMap errors

Too good to lose, this is reposted from the old TLR archive:


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The "WARNING: ShapeDB:" I can help with as I''ve just got rid of a million and one of the damn things from the one system. One of the causes is the "envmapglass", this is a cube map texture that is used to add reflections to transparent cockpits, because so many custom ships & capships don''t have a transparent cockpit FL throws up this error. Open the "Effect_shapes.ini" in the FX folder and change this bit

file = fx\envmapglass.txm
tex_shape = envmapglass

to this

;file = fx\envmapglass.txm
;tex_shape = envmapglass

FL will now ignore that part and you should now lose most of those errors, if there are still some left then the only other one I know is misspelt hardpoints, FL is case sensative where thier concerned, so a hardpoint that normally looks like this "HpWeapon" is fine but doing this "hpweapon" in the CMP will cause this error to.

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